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Orthopedic Surgery

Willow Creek Surgery Center has been developed with the boutique concept in mind. The physician-owners of Willow Creek Surgery Center are highly skilled, highly regarded and well respected within each of their fields. This allows our facility to aim its focus on some specialties that are considered highly complex and which require a high degree of clinical vigilance, such as orthopedic surgery, while maintaining our personalized approach to customer service.

Orthopedic surgery involves the surgical treatment of the skeletal joints, bones, muscles and connective tissue. Orthopedic surgical procedures are considered relatively invasive because of the complexity involved in joint repair or replacement, and also because of the kinds of stress and endurance these repairs will need to withstand throughout the normal course of a patient’s lifetime after surgery. Procedures of this level of invasiveness require an outstanding infection control policy, as well as precise state of the art equipment. As with all our surgical departments, many of the orthopedic surgeons who perform surgery at Willow Creek Surgery Center were highly influential in the design and requisition of the equipment in the operating rooms and are no less influential in the development of policies within our facility. The orthopedic surgeons who practice here have the highest degree in confidence in our staff and in the appropriateness of our operating theaters for the best possible outcomes for their patients, including the reduction of possibilities of post-operative infection.

All of the orthopedic surgeons who practice at Willow Creek Surgery Center are Board Certified and have similar operating privileges at facilities within the Houston Medical Center. Willow Creek Surgery Center has attracted physicians who regularly perform surgery to treat hands, carpal tunnel syndrome, severely damaged bones, elbow joint surgery, as well as total knee and total hip replacements with great success.

Willow Creek Surgery Center is performing an increasing number of orthopedic cases. This is a testament to the physicians' confidence with the infection control policies of our facility. Orthopedic surgery is considered relatively invasive and in order to ensure the best possible post operative outcome for the patient, the operating theaters must be exceptionally sterile.

Our stringent infection control policies make Willow Creek Surgery Center and ideal facility for the complexities of orthopedic cases.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one of the most common ailments experienced by today's working population.

Diagnosing orthopedic issues requires sophisticated imaging equipment, most of which is readily available in our affllliated hospital complex.
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