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Pain Management / Neurosurgery

Often, as a person ages, or if an individual has suffered some form of trauma, they will experience degeneration of their spine. This may present itself in the form of injured or displaced discs, degenerated or injured tissue, or invasive calcification that may impinge on the complex system of nerves that are housed within the spinal cord. Such ailments may require a protocol of Pain management. Pain management, which may include occasional or frequent treatment of cervical, thoracic or lumbar regions of the spine, require advanced imaging technology in order to ensure effective placement of medications or neurostimulators. The surgeons who practice pain management at Willow Creek Surgery Center choose our facility because of the high degree of confidence they have in the nursing staff and in the highly qualified training of those technicians who operate the sophisticated imaging equipment.

The field of neurosurgery is one of the most sophisticated surgical specialties and encompasses advanced surgical and imaging technology. There are several categories of neurosurgery, varying in complexity, severity and urgency. Willow Creek Surgery Center has the advanced equipment, well-trained staff and the unique proficiency of neurologists to perform degenerative diseases and injuries to the spine, functional neurosurgery, as well as management of the central nervous system.

Neurosurgery of the spine may involve more complex mechanical manipulation or correction of the bones themselves. Willow Creek Surgery Center proudly hosts a neurosurgery team that specializes in the treatment of spinal repairs that have not been successfully treated through prior surgery. Individuals suffering from “Failed back syndrome” have experienced at least one prior surgery to their lumbar or cervical spine. These surgeries are most commonly laminectomies or disc fusions. The technique that is practiced at Willow Creek Surgery Center is regarded as complex by nature; however, the advanced neurosurgical team utilizes a virtually bloodless technique that allows a patient to be mobile and discharged from the surgery center within two to three hours – half the conventional recovery time.

The equipment that this team utilizes at Willow Creek Surgery Center represents leading edge technology and is also used in our orthopedic cases. In addition, the neurosurgical team is further unique in that they utilize an Electroneuro Diagnostic Technologist throughout the procedure who carefully monitors nerve conductivity to maximize the full recovery of all effected areas and to ensure no peripheral areas were affected by the surgical process.

The outstanding credentials and dedication of the neurosurgical teams at Willow Creek Surgery Center are groundbreaking in the efficiency and effectiveness of both pain management and of the treatment of failed back syndrome, making our facility and the physicians who practice here leaders in the discipline.

Pain ManagementPain Management may simply require treatment by means of medication, but frequently, effective long-term treatment may require regular injections into areas near the spine that require accurate imaging technology. In more severe cases where conservative treatment has failed, or previous surgical intervention has proven ineffective, our surgical team may perform a unique technique to address this "Failed Back Syndrome". Most of these patients are up and out of bed on the same day as their surgery.


Worker's Compensation accounts for a large number of patients who require neurosurgery.

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